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The Need for PA Core Standards

September 30, 2013

A new report from ACT on the college readiness of Pennsylvania’s high school graduates underscores why we need stronger academic standards like the Pennsylvania Core Standards. The report found only 38 percent of Pennsylvania’s ACT-tested 2013 graduates met all four of the ACT College Readiness Benchmarks in English, reading, science and math. Even more troubling: 18 percent of our graduates could not meet any of the four benchmarks. The benchmarks specify the minimum score students must earn on each of the four subject tests in order to have about a 75 percent chance of earning a grade of C or higher in a typical credit-bearing first-year college course in that subject. According to ACT, students who meet the benchmarks are more likely to persist in college and earn a degree than those who don’t meet the benchmarks.

“Preparing Our Students for Success” is produced by A+ Schools, Fight Crime: Invest in Kids, Mission: Readiness, PennCAN, the Pennsylvania Business Council, Pennsylvania Partnerships for Children, Philadelphia School Partnership, Pittsburgh Public Schools, Students First and Team PA. For more information, visit:



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